Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monads in OCaml

So, there. Someone who has never programmed in Haskell probably never encountered the idea of monads -- unless it is someone who works in semantics and has read Moggi's works; but I digress. An interesting way to tackle the idea of monads is to look at them outside of Haskell, and see how it works in other languages. Often, other languages don't have what it takes to express the concept of a monad in its full generality, but specific monads can always be implemented. In this regard, there's this page by oleg, and there's this other one about monads in Ruby. I remember seeing somewhere a page that compiled monad implementations in various languages, but I can't seem to find it now.

Anyhow, Brian Hurt has written a very nice tutorial about monads in OCaml. It uses the module system and functors (see comments) to define a reasonably general monad concept in OCaml. It's a good read.

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Rafael de F. Ferreira said...

James Iry has a multi-part Monads tutorial using Scala.

Also, Louds responded on the inheritance thing, I think it took so long because he is on vacation.

And, man, you have a lot of blogs! I have two and think that's one too many.