Friday, July 13, 2007

Battle of the OCaml plugins for Eclipse

A new OCaml plugin for Eclipse, called OcaIDE, has just been announced. Apparently, it has been under development for a long time. It seems to be quite complete in features, although I didn't try it yet. The question is that this is the third OCaml plugin being developed currently; there's ODT, about which I talked in a earlier post, and another one being developed as one of the OCaml projects in the Google Summer of Code. The competition is good in some ways, but on the other hand the resulting fragmentation can be a problem to a small community like that of OCaml. It would be best if the teams managed to combine their efforts in some way. Let's see how this plays out.

Speaking of collaboration, there's mention on OcaIDE's site about a free-software license, but the source code doesn't seem to be available.

UPDATE: As someone pointed in the comments, the source is available together with the plugin. See here.

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Anonymous said...

> ... but the source code doesn't seem to be available.

Please see: