Saturday, June 9, 2007

The EOPL in F# wiki

I've started moving the content for the "EOPL in F#" translation to a wiki. Unfortunately, I have also been insanely busy as of late, so there's only the beginning there. However, as I'll have more free time from now on, I intend to catch up with what's already here and then start posting more sections that I already translated. I also noticed I never posted some parts because I forgot to, so it will be added to the wiki as well. Anyway, here is the link:

EOPL in F# Wiki

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Thomas said...

This is very interesting. The line
| Prim LPAREN ArgList RPAREN { PrimAppExp ($1, List.rev $3) }
caught my eye. Here "Prim" limited to
a set of calculator functions. I am trying to call any function that is part of a Dictionary containing functions elsewhere defined in the F# application.